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Research Advisory Panel

Image by Carlos Torres
Image by Carlos Torres

The TIP Research Advisory Panel (R.A.P) was created to advise all members of the lab- Graduate students, research staff, and the Principal investigator on best practices forward from the perspective of lived experience.


All panelists have gone through their own experiences of an early psychosis treatment, and some are also former treatment participants of the lab.


The panelists meet quarterly with members of the lab to give feedback on treatment designs, dissertations, and anything within the research scope that can be better equipped with the lens of lived experience. The intention and practice of the panel is to involve more lived experience in research

Image by v2osk

If you are someone with lived experience and would like to contribute your insights and knowledge to the development of research practices, R.A.P may be a great fit for you!


If you are currently enrolled with a TIP study, or interested in joining our Research Advisory Panel, please feel free to email our Peer Researcher & Coordinator Allison, at

Image by Carlos Torres
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