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Position: Postdoctoral Fellow

Congratulations to Aqsa Zahid for winning third prize for the UTSC Undergraduate Research Poster Forum!

Congratulations to Aqsa Zahid, a former thesis student and current volunteer research assistant here at the TIP Lab, who recently won the third prize for the UTSC Undergraduate Research Poster Forum!


Aqsa is currently finishing up her fourth year at UTSC where she is specializing in Mental Health Studies.

Aqsa and Dr. Michael W. Best conducted a research project examining levels of stigma associated with diagnostic labels and negative symptoms inherent in schizophrenia-spectrum disorders. Based on a 2x2 within-subjects design, participants ranked their preference for social interaction with four confederates who were either labelled or not labelled with schizophrenia and either displayed or did not display negative symptoms. The results indicate that social exclusion appears to be dependent on the presence of both variables, but is especially dependent on the presence of negative symptoms. Read the full manuscript here

Aqsa looks forward to building her research and clinical experience prior to applying to Master’s programs in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. During the next few months, Aqsa will work towards publishing novel research findings from other studies she has been involved with. She also looks forward to volunteering in various labs and gaining relevant clinical experience. 

Congratulations Aqsa!

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